Sustainability FAQ

Nectar Jewelry Co.

Sustainability Statement:

December 31st, 2021



Nectar Jewelry Co. is a small-batch, handmade jewelry shop specializing in vintage & vintage-inspired jewelry pieces. Many of the materials used in each item are either vintage, or repurposed vintage - making each piece unique. Limited waste is created in the design and assembly process of Nectar jewelry pieces, as each item is individually handcrafted and usually, made to order. 

Materials used vary, but may include: brass, vintage brass, gold plated metal, alloy blend metals, sterling silver, stainless steel, acrylic, resin, glass, pearls, crystal stones, beads (new & vintage), and polymer clay.

Jewelry, and the art-form of jewelry making, is inherently not very sustainable -- especially when products are mass produced for fast fashion companies, etc. However, I try to take into consideration small ways to reuse & repurpose jewelry and materials in the assembly process. All nectar handmade jewelry is made by one person, so careful detail is put into each item.

As a way to reduce waste, Nectar is proud to offer FREE jewelry repair, for most items, when available. Since items are handcrafted in-studio, by me, I am also able to repair most items myself and send them back for a prolonged life of wear!

Since many of the materials I use are vintage or un-plated, tarnishing, scuffs and imperfections are not only common but to be expected - with the style of Nectar being 'unique', one of a kind pieces that are as special as the person wearing them.



Nectar Co. is proud to use low-waste, recyclable and biodegradable packaging for the shipment of products.


  • Reusable organza jewelry bags (help protect without plastic)
  • Reusable plastic bags are used to package small earrings, and can be reused & recycled - whereas bubble wrap cannot be. This small use of plastic actually helps to prevent any other plastics being used - anywhere - in the shipping material! Win!
  • Cardboard jewelry boxes have been changed to remove any branding, making them easier to reuse, or use for gifting!
  • Earrings are on kraft cardboard cards with a stamped logo, that's it.
  • Orders are wrapped in recyclable tissue paper
  • Sealed with paper stickers
  • Business cards are recyclable (but don't throw them out! give them away to help a small business :))
  • Thank you cards and care cards have been produced as a single card, (front & back text) to reduce paper waste - simply keep the card for jewelry care instructions instead of tossing a traditional plain 'thank you' card. 
  • Mailers are BIODEGRADABLE - or can be recycled if you do not have a compost system. Or, reuse them!
  • The shipping labels used are stickers, please remove before recycling.
  • That's everything! We have tested shipping over thousands of packages worldwide, and this minimal, almost plastic free packaging is the safest way to get your jewelry to you, without any breakage!


While no art form can be perfectly eco-friendly, I hope the little changes I am able to make within both the design and shipping processes helps ease the burden that art often has on the environment. However, I also believe we should enjoy beautiful the beautiful art form of jewelrymaking, as well as other art forms.