What is HONEYMOON by Nectar?

HONEYMOON is Nectar Jewelry Co.'s new SISTER BRAND! Specializing in daintier, everyday jewelry for those who like their pieces to be "to the point". Over the years, we've gotten hundreds of requests for different types of jewelry, "everyday" pieces, and even MORE hypoallergenic than our current line offers. With HONEYMOON, we are able to achieve this. Starting in September 2022, HONEYMOON BY NECTAR will be providing high quality, 18k gold *filled* & sterling silver jewelry styles to our beloved customers, and those of you who are new here! HONEYMOON is a lifestyle, and we are so excited to be expanding!


WAIT. What's happening to Nectar?!

Slow down. We PROMISE Nectar's unique, one of a kind statement jewelry and fabulous collections aren't going anywhere! HONEYMOON is simply an extension of the brand you already know & love. Nectar Jewelry Co. has been dedicated to the styling & aesthetic of our brand, to curate beautiful pieces with a story. That effortless, dainty look & feel of Nectar will be carrying on into HONEYMOON. So, if you love Nectar Jewelry - no need to break out the tissues. We aren't going anywhere! We will continue making bold, frequent collections and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon! We are so excited to be expanding the brand and offering simplicity and style to a broader audience.


Okay...we get it. So let's talk JEWELRY!

Of COURSE. We were hoping you'd ask ;)

So... here's the deal. Have you ever been fawning over that beautiful, effortless look of real gold jewelry... only to snap back to reality at the price tag?! We get it. Solid gold jewelry can be a small fortune, and big brands try to replicate it in gold plated, cheap jewelry that just doesn't live up to your daydream.

Well, that's where we come in.

HONEYMOON by Nectar is a new alternative to the dreamy gold pieces you've had your eye on. We have 2 facts here: 1. Solid gold is expensiiiveeee. and 2. The alternatives simply *DON'T LAST*. Well, we're changing that.

Our new line of 18k GOLD-FILLED jewelry is that meet-in-the-middle solution you've been wanting. A curated collection of high quality, sturdy, stylish pieces that won't break the bank, turn your skin green, or tarnish while you live your life.

Sound too good to be true? We thought so too. I, (hey!) have been personally testing HONEYMOON pieces under rigorous standards to ensure the quality, look & feel of real gold. A year of designing, planning & months of testing in the elements, we are finally ready to present the IT GIRL of jewelry.


Taking notes here... we got high quality, affordable, sturdy jewelry made of... GOLD FILL? 'Kay, what's that?

We got you. GOLD FILL is a sturdy alternative to cheap gold plating, while being a more affordable alternative to solid gold. It's the meet-in-the-middle answer to jewelry, that when cared for, can truly last a lifetime. 

  • "Gold plating" is the standard from fast fashion, and even huge LUXURY brands. WHY?! It's cheap, and leaves you coming back to buy more within a few days of tarnishing and green skin.
  • GOLD PLATING is a thin coating of 16-24k gold, wrapped around either brass, alloy metal, or stainless steel depending on the brand.
  • This means, that with normal wear, the thin coating can rub off and reveal scratched, tarnished or dull looking jewelry, sometimes within just a few days or with a bit of moisture.
  • SOLID GOLD is, well obviously, solid gold. It's heavy, EXPENSIVE, and doesn't always come in the fun, trendy styles you're looking for.
  • GOLD FILL is the solution. It's a THIIICK coating of real gold, that goes far deeper into the jewelry than gold plating does. This means, it would take a *ton* of wear, water, & mess to thin out the real gold to reveal any of the internal metal.
  • And in our case, our pieces are 18k gold filled, wrapped around a small silver internal base. And trust me, after *months* straight of chlorine, Florida heat, running them through the dishwasher, and even a trip to Paris... these pieces are made to LAST.



So, how should I take care of my gold-filled pieces?

We'll keep it simple. Wear your pieces whenever, for however long you want. We recommend cleaning with our provided jewelry cloth after each wear, and storing in an enclosed jewelry box or bag, away from moisture.

Our pieces can handle water, and even chlorine, but consistent moisture (such as steam in a bathroom) can wear down the shininess of our gold pieces, or leave them dirty. This is why we always recommend an enclosed case, and drying after wearing in any water.

But, don't worry too much. Our pieces are easy to clean and sturdy enough to withstand a lot of wear. Keep it clean and dry, you're good to go!


Alright. You sold me, I'm ready to order... what should I expect?

HONEYMOON is a *sister brand* to Nectar Jewelry, but does have a different processing, packaging and shipping process. Please refer to the correct shipping FAQ depending on the brand you are buying from. We are housed on the same website, and ship from the same studio, but a few things are different over here at HONEYMOON :)

  • PROCESSING TIME during our September 10th launch for ready to ship items *ONLY* will be 2-3 business days. 
  • WE WILL HAVE A SUPER LIMITED SUPPLY OF READY TO SHIP ITEMS, AND THE REST WILL BE ON A 2 WEEK PREORDER. All items will ship within the 2 week window, and many will be sooner than this. Gold-filling is an expensive production, so we would like to reduce waste while we are still testing the waters with this new brand. Thank you for understanding!
  • SHIPPING TIME is around 3-5 business days. All orders will be shipped via USPS with the same guidelines as Nectar. FREE US SHIPPING over $50+, as well as free international shipping $100+ will still apply!
  • COMBINED SHIPPING: Feel free to order from both Nectar and Honeymoon in the same order. You will receive two distinct packages within your package, as each brand has their own branding & stylized packaging :)


What will my package include?

All HONEYMOON orders will come in a branded box with sealed bags for each piece of jewelry, as well as a bronze satin bag, care card, cleaning cloth & sticker. Box will be wrapped in a dark brown tissue paper with ribbon, and shipped in either a biodegradable poly-mailer, or a cardboard recycled box for larger orders. The item price & shipping includes all of the freebies!


What should I do if my item arrives damaged?

Please contact us within 24 hours of confirmed delivery, with a photo of the damage as well as any other proof, as we will use this to file a claim with our shipping carrier. We have taken extensive measures to provide high quality packaging that will protect your items in transit, and we expect this to be an extremely, extremely rare issue - for this, we will require proof within the designated timeframe to protect ourselves as a small business.


I'm unhappy with my item(s). Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

We will accept returns of unworn items in original condition and packaging, so long as the item is returned (sent in the mail with confirmation) within 4 days of receiving the item. After this time period, we will accept item exchanges for a limited time as well as full refunds on a case-by-case basis only. We appreciate your understanding at this time, as we are a small business that truly believes in our pieces and packaging. :)


I'd like to become a brand ambassador!

YAY! Contrary to Nectar, HONEYMOON WILL NEED AMBASSADORS! Nectar's pieces are simply too unique to require any promotion, but with Honeymoon, we will have a consistent line of pieces which means we need ambassadors. While we are just starting out, we will NOT be accepting any applications. HOWEVER: We will likely be looking again in the New Year :) Stay tuned!


I have other questions/need help with something else!

Please click on HONEYMOON's CONTACT FORM (please ensure you select the correct one so it goes to the right place, or else we may not receive your request) at the top of our website under "CONTACT".

You can also email us directly at: hey@shophnymoon.com

For social media contact, please only use Instagram DM's with all order information in your request. (Order #, NAME on the order, and question/issue etc!)