est. 2020


Nectar Jewelry Co. was started in January 2020, by (then, 19, now, 21) year-old Lyndsey Belle. What started as a project to make fun hoop earrings with phrases and sayings, has now turned into a full-blown dream of a jewelry business.  

I wanted to make a simple, to the point sort of 'about' page, as I always have. Keep it professional, right? But the truth is, Nectar changed my life. I believe I struck gold - finding my true, "the reason I'm on this earth" type of passion that can take a lifetime to find.

So here's the real story: "I was working at a craft store when I started learning to make jewelry. The job was exhausting on my health and I was struggling a lot. But I gave it a shot. Honestly, I started learning because it was something I always wanted to do. However, I felt I was running out of time as I had been diagnosed with a neurological condition that was weakening my hands and fingers. I decided to take the plunge, used a $20 gift card and some loose change and bought everything I thought I would need to get started. It wasn't easy for me - as at the time I was really struggling with my hands. Holding pliers, picking up tiny beads -- it all was just difficult for me to do. It was painful, way more time consuming than the YouTube videos made it seem, and I often wanted to give up. But, slowly I fell absolutely in love with it. I didn't care how hard it was to do, or how many breaks I had to take, or the potential further damage I was causing to my hands. I just loved it, and couldn't stop.

and I never did. 


From that February on, I quit my job and went full force into jewelry-making. Everyday I woke up so excited to create - even if I wasn't too good at it yet. I felt alive and I had this pure source of joy I couldn't explain. I still believe that this art form pulled me out of that dark place I was in. Since this all came from something kinda negative, I think watching my own growth and seeing this brand blossom into everything I ever dreamed about has kept me going. Everyday I am more excited and inspired to create pieces, and I hope I never lose that spark.

Now, in 2022, Nectar is going into it's third year! Jewelrymaking is my full-time, only job, and I am so thankful to be able to take care of my health properly while still supporting my everyday life and running my business. I can't believe how far I have come and that we're on year THREE! I now have an accessible studio space, can work fro home for my health, and have more opportunities and happiness than I ever saw for myself back in 2019. That's what Nectar has done for me, what you all have done for me!

I am so thankful every day to everyone who has supported me - whether from the beginning - or just a week ago - it doesn't go unnoticed. I don't know how I got so lucky to be living my dream, doing the one thing I am passionate about everyday - but it's real life!

Thank you for supporting not only my dream but my entire livelihood.




image of Lyndsey, owner of nectar jewelry co. next to text on a peach background.