unique, handcrafted jewelry to make you feel beautiful - inside and out.

nectar jewelry is a small accessories brand founded in orlando, florida in january 2020. what started as a fun hobby & a love for vintage jewelry, has blossomed into a cherished line of unique, handcrafted pieces for everyone. nectar jewelry specializes in earrings - & of course, custom hoops. in just a year, nectar has shipped to all 50 states and dozens of countries all over the globe. each piece is special, & many are one of a kind. nectar is special because there is always something new! creativity is constantly overflowing bringing you fresh, new jewelry staples each month.
in this past year, i've fallen in love with jewelry making & live to see nectar grow. i would have never imagined that my fun hobby & love for earrings would grow into something so special! every single order means so much to me. thank you for shopping small & allowing me to live a dream! i am so excited for the future of nectar.


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